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Painless Sales Forecasting

Quicky Forecast helps you accurately track your opportunities, without getting in the way.



Sales tools that focus more on measurement than progress and quality don't help people do their jobs. Quicky Forecast has a laser focus on forecasting opportunities. There's no fiddling, and there are no surprises.


Removing the illusion of activity lets the entire team understand your sales forecast at a glance. Know what's closed, what's forecasted, and when, without the option to disguise progress.

No more CRM

You don't need overpriced software to manage your customers and your relationships. Quicky Forecast sticks to tracking your opportunities, keeping your team's forecast honest and accurate.

5 Quarter Forecast

The 5 Quarter Forecast Chart turns conversations from be "let's build the forecast again" to "here's what's next".

Custom Classifications

Custom Classifications let you organize your opportunities by the properties that are unique to your company.


Quicky Forecast keeps your team's developed opportunities in sight, fostering offline conversation with sales managers.

Advanced Filtering

Advanced filtering lets you aggregate and analyze different groupings of data for hidden insights.

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